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The best teenager quotes are the ones that reminds you of that awkward moment that cracks you up every time you think about it, that teen quotes that is so relatable to your life you have to stop and thing wow, that so me! One day out of my many hours I spend online browsing the internet not looking for anything special, just sitting there as my life goes by… Sigh so depressing. I stumble upon this amazing blog called Teen Quotes FYI. Everyday I visit the site they have new teen quotes that describe my life, is like these people know me, I’m blown away by the accuracy and the constancy of there content. The bad part about this is now I can’t leave my computer I literaly on this website daily going through each pages and sharing teenager quotes with friend… Yes I do have friends… thank god for school. Anyway check these guys out. I promise you will be blown on how relatable these quotes are from



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What can I say, Love Scroll is where it’s at they got cute quotes about love and the harrable reality of a breakups. Even though its build on the tumblr platform its not just another lame tumblr blog, the person the run the site seem to care about his/her followers providing them with quality relationship quotes each day. It does matter whats going on with your love life I can almost garantee you that you will find a quote on this site that you can surely relate to, is amazing it’s like the person that runs the blog is in your head. There isn’t anything bad to say about Love Scroll it’s just pure awsomeness. Note: There might be a few depress quotes on there too so approach with caution lol if you’re feeling down you might wanna visit Teen Quotes FYI instead just to cheer you up abit, that blog will have you cracking up all day.


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